Artist Bio

Christopher Wall

Christopher Wall is a Brooklyn based artist who is a self taught musician and composer. His earliest influences were J. S. Bach, Glenn Gould and the sacred music heard in church growing up. Having taught himself multiple selected works from Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier and the Goldberg Variations, counterpoint remains a strongly influential pianistic style in his work. Later influences were the very expressive composers Debussy, Ravel and Jean Alain, the first two of the French Impressionist 
School. More current, Johann Johannsson, Ludovico Einaudi, Thom Yorke and Max Richter have shined their light. 

Chris’s compositions are lyrical and moody without technical density. Gently expressive and sensual his piano works flow serenely into and out of the intersection of counterpoint and Impressionism, languidly traversing a musical landscape both dark and light. Currently he has two albums on Spotify, Dreampool and Mystery Achievement, as well as all other streaming platforms with more completed works soon to release. With over 100 benchmark Shazam’s for the piece ‘The Bells’ alone, and climbing Shazam’s and listener numbers spread across countries around the world, Chris’s music has truly become global.